Laughing Gravy

On my first day off from both jobs for quite some time, I thought I’d catch up on a few things I never have time for anymore … watching movies.  I began with the Laurel and Hardy short film Laughing Gravy.

I needed a laugh or two.  And it started out that way anyway…with Ollie stranded in the snow whispering up to Stan who was looking out the window from the upstairs apartment, “Just tie two sheets together and pull me up.” Dialogue suggesting that the remainder of the film would keep me laughing.

…until Stanley receives a letter from an attorney that forces him to choose between an inheritance and his friendship with Ollie.

Ollie says in his most serious tone after reading Stanley’s correspondence, “It’s funny…we never see ourselves as others see us…”

I think I had forgotten how much Stan and Ollie could make me laugh…and cry.


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