Cancer And Relationships

A well written post that I feel compelled to share on Natasha’s Memory Garden:

Paul's Heart

It is often difficult to go beyond the thought, that a diagnosis of cancer can go beyond that of the patient who has been diagnosed.  After all, it is the patient who is in the race against time to avoid one statistic, death, but become a statistic, survivor.  It is the patient who is going to undergo the testing, and the side effects from treatments.  It is the patient who is going to deal with the never-ending fear of recurrence.

But the truth is, when a patient has a significant other, whether it be boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, life partner, that person gets thrust into a role that comes as much a shock as the diagnosis of cancer itself, caregiver.  Most likely, neither patient or caregiver has any experience about the path they are going to go down.  From personal experience, this should not be taken lightly.

Relationships have enough difficulty surviving…

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