Memories of Central Park

I had planned to go to the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday.   I took an early train into New York City so I could walk around for just a bit before the museum opened.  There were hundreds of people waiting in line for tickets for the museum one hour after it opened for the day. I didn’t want to wait in line and knew I wouldn’t enjoy the museum because of the crowds.

So I opened my pink umbrella and walked over to Central Park to get some fresh air and a few photos.

I remembered my last visit to Central Park in the late 1990s.  My stepdad Frank had come for a visit from his home in New Orleans.  Richard hated New York City and tried to discourage us from making the trip to the City. Frank had never been to New York City  so I knew I had to show it to him.  Richard was a worrier; he worried for my safety so he asked me not to walk through Central Park.  Frank and I planned to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and we rode the train and subway as far as we could and walked the rest of the way.

When we returned home, we showed Richard some of the photos we took along the way, including a good one of the two of us taken on our way to the Museum of Art.  Richard asked me where the photo was taken.

“It was taken in Central Park.”


Now that both Richard and Frank are gone, I enjoyed the memory of that visit while walking through Central Park so many years later.

Then I noticed a suspicious looking man in the Park along the path and walked a little faster…

One can’t be too careful these days…







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