Christmas flowers

Each year during the Christmas season, I place a floral arrangement on Richard’s grave – in a plot that includes his parents.  Stephen’s ashes were placed in a niche that does not provide me with an opportunity to decorate his resting place.

I wanted to do something different this year.  Rather than visiting my local Christmas tree stand for a grave blanket, I thought I’d buy a poinsettia arrangement in a vase that could easily be staked in the ground.

I found a poinsettia arrangement in the MK catalog but wanted to browse for different arrangements so I searched for grave decorations on Google Shopping.

The following is a sample of what I found:

Mixed Bush Christmas Cemetery Flower Vase

Plastic · Bouquet · Table

Beautiful Mixed Christmas Bush With Red Poinsettia Vase Bush. (Vase bush is approx. 17″hx19″w)Vase bush is constructed on a 3″wx4″h floral foam insert which fits most cemetery …

$19.99 used
+$7.25 shipping. No tax

There are many more eBay listings for a similar flower arrangement and all are described as “used.”


Something doesn’t seem right to me about buying “used” cemetery decorations.

I visited my local AC Moore store and bought silk flowers and a cone and made a floral arrangement much nicer than the new grave decoration from the MK catalog or the used decorations from eBay.  I am quite pleased with the arrangement I placed on Richard’s grave this year.






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2 Responses to Christmas flowers

  1. weggieboy says:

    I agree. Much nicer!

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