A walk in the park

I began a walking regimen a few months ago after I participated in a local cancer walk.  I felt invigorated by walking and found that it provided me with both emotional and physical  benefits.  I walk each day in the park on Saturday and Sunday and walk during the week around my work schedule when I have sufficient daylight hours to walk alone. I frequent two parks in my area and try to walk 2-3 miles each day. I also walk daily to and from the remote parking lot to work at the hospital rather than ride in the hospital shuttle. It may seem an obsession to those who know me but it makes me feel good.

As the temperature in the Northeast decreased, I added layers of clothing, a hat, gloves and a scarf.  My purple iPod coordinates well with my walking attire.  The cold weather encourages me to walk faster and I hope to increase my stamina over time.

Over the past weekend, I felt I needed a walk in the park before going to work at the store.  But it was raining and I wondered if it was wise for me to walk in the rain.  My desire to walk overcame my concern about being out in the rain. I grabbed my gloves, scarf, hat, coat, purple iPod and my pink umbrella and drove to one of my two favorite parks.

I joined other walkers (with their umbrellas) and runners on the trail who didn’t allow the weather to keep them inside their houses on that rainy day.

Although I walked alone, the camaraderie and smiles of those I met on the path that day helped me feel that I was not truly alone in the world.




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