Eggs and beans

I’m not the most adventurous person when it comes to eating.  I dislike more foods than I am willing to eat.  Richard became accustomed to my eating (or non-eating?) habits after many years of marriage.  Stephen was more accepting of my quirks as he had food quirks of his own.

Both Richard and Stephen liked to cook.  But Stephen preferred to be the cook and introduced me to unusual food combinations as he experimented in the kitchen after watching cooking shows on TV.  He brought some of his food preferences with him from England but seemed hesitant to try foods that were more American such as macaroni and cheese and grits.

I bought English foods for Stephen from distributors of English foods in the U.S.  Stephen loved Frey Bentos steak and kidney pies.   I refused to eat them although I would cook them for him.  Stephen introduced me to eggs and beans as well as what he called “bubble and squeak.”  Eggs and beans and leftover mashed potatoes fried in a pan might not seem appetizing but I found that I really enjoyed them.

I confess that I now sometimes have a craving for eggs and beans.  I rarely buy eggs but had a couple of eggs leftover after Christmas baking.  I had some leftover baked beans and thought I’d make eggs and beans for dinner.  I needed to add something to my meal and searched my pantry for something that might go well with eggs and beans.  So I had eggs, beans and grits for dinner.


Stephen would have had a chuckle at my creativity although he would not have eaten the grits.

But I still won’t eat steak and kidney pies.


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