Rainy Sunday

I wanted to go out for my morning walk in the park although I knew it would rain all day. As I descended my brick steps, I slid on ice that was forming on the steps.  I stepped back into my house disappointed that I wouldn’t be getting my exercise outdoors today. As today was my only day off from work this week, I didn’t want to waste the day at home. I began to feel sad about my change in plans for the day.  I live alone and I enjoy getting out of the house ad being around people.

Early in the afternoon, I realized I couldn’t take another moment of feeling trapped inside my house due to the weather so I ventured out to run some errands within a few miles of my house.   There was very little traffic on my way to the stores in my area but I was not alone as other brave souls also ventured out on a rainy day to catch up on their shopping and browsing in the stores.  The rain soothed me as I drove throughout the afternoon.

When I returned home, I felt energized and was able to catch up on a good amount of housework.

The rain didn’t ruin my day and the day was not wasted.

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