The feline photo bomber



As I was sending a text photo of my new running shoes to a friend, I noticed that Miss Sofia had inserted herself in camera range when I took the photo.  My text exchange was as follows:

Me:  These were the most comfortable shoes at the store.  FYI that’s Sofia the devil cat in the background…

Her:  They are very nice! You’ve got some really great running sneakers.  Your cat photo bombed your pic, awesome.

This photo bomb made me think of many feline photo bombs I had collected over the years (more numerous than my family photos spoiled by “horns.”)

images (1)

An example of a “horns” photo from


I reviewed a sampling of photos taken in my house over the years and created my own photo search game called “Find the tail/paw/body in the photo.”  My cats displayed excellent photo bombing skills with their presence in each of the photos.

Cats will not allow themselves to be left out or ignored…


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