Lost and found

More than thirty years ago, Richard bought a crucifix for me and insisted that I wear it for protection.  Although I’m not Catholic, I wore the crucifix to make him happy.  I’ve worn it since the day he bought it for me.

Last week, I noticed that the crucifix was missing from the chain around my neck.  Losing the crucifix upset me because it was a gift from Richard that could never be replaced.  I looked everywhere and called everyone I could think of to help me find the crucifix but it seemed that the pendant would never be found.

Two days ago, one of our office managers came to me at the front desk and asked if anyone had lost a “cross.”  She held my crucifix in her hand.  I thanked her for bringing it to me and told her the reason that finding it was so important to me.

She can’t possibly know how happy I was to find the crucifix.


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3 Responses to Lost and found

  1. Mr. Atheist says:

    I lost my wedding ring on a beach in Maui. A long time ago. I have not lost hope. It was 2004. I spent the better part of an hour watching someone with a metal detector go back and forth between waves, through waves, around waves… looking for my ring.

    I went back to Maui. I called him. I asked him if anything has turned up. He said, “No, not yet.”

    I have hope.

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