Appreciating life

No pretty photos of flowers today…

or photos of my adorable cats…

or photos taken at the park…

It was a busy day comforting and listening to cancer patients as they journey through the cycle of illness in their lives.

Holding them as they cry while coughing up blood or having seizures. Spending silent moments with them as they sleep (and breathe) with the aid of a ventilator. Listening as the patient weakly tells me that she is going to get through this struggle although I know that plans for hospice are already in the making. Those who aren’t crying are smiling.  I don’t know how they can smile through their journeys with cancer. My hope is that all of them will win their battle with cancer.

I am asked by everyone I know, “how do you do this kind of work?”  I spent my days contemplating death and realized that contemplating death has a way of helping me appreciate what I have – health and life.

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One Response to Appreciating life

  1. ksbeth says:

    a beautiful reminder and tough question –

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